Since 2016

The fluid technology intelligent factory is planning to build.The plan will be realized in 3-5 years. The application of the project has been started.

  • On March 24th, 2017,launched "Super Hercules" Super Artery) series.
  • On May 15th,2017, Q1 / 7K / 16C series products were certified by the American Petroleum Association (API).
  • On April 11th ,2016,participated in the 2016 BMW exhibition in Germany.
  • On July 7th,2016, the testing Center successfully passed the National Laboratory Accreditation
  • On July 20 ,2016,through the Military Equipment Support Unit Qualification Review.
  • On November 25th,2016,passed the American petroleum society API certification site audit.
  • In December,2016,obtained the qualification certificate issued by the equipment department of the central military commission.


From 2009 to 2015 ,LETONE has actively explored overseas markets based on domestic development in USA ,ITALY ,CANANA,FANCE,SPAIN,RUSSIA,BRASIL etc,thus harvesting a large number of uses from various regions and gradually occupying the international market.

  • On June 25th, 2015,LETONE research institute of Qingdao settled in Rubber Valley.
  • On November 25th, 2014,Artery series 25-4sh pulse test broke through 1 million 500 thousand times.
  • In January,2013, it was awarded the title of "the top ten enterprises of China rubber hose" issued by the rubber adhesive tape branch of China Rubber Industry Association.
  • In September ,2013, the wire braid rubber tube pulse PK competition was held .
  • In December ,2013, the research center of high - pressure rubber engineering technology in Henan Province was established . The annual sales volume of the end of the year was 139 million yuan .
  • In October, 2012,introduced six German Mayer3X3 wire weaving machine all officially put into use.
  • In November,2012,won the title of " Famous Brand Products in Henan Province " in December .
  • In March,2011,imported 30 ingots four disc winding machine production line from Korea.
  • In April 29th,2011, all installation procedures of automatic blending production line were completed, and the machine was tested section by stage on the same day.
  • In June,2011,set up the research center of super high pressure rubber tube with the College of polymer and material of Qingdao University of Science & Technology
  • On July 13th, 2011,finished the super-high-pressure rubber hose project and Phase II project foundation.