Most of all materials do not stick to PTFE film.The PTFE Coating also can shows good non-stick performance.PTFE Coating will do not stick to water and oil during the working time.

Ripple and smooth
Interface processing
2.Heat Resistance

PTFE Coating has good characters of heat and low temperature resistance.It can be continuously used in the temperature range 240~260℃,and can be able to withstand 300℃ in short time.It has significant heat stabilization that will not melt in high temperature and not embrittle in low temperature.

3.Corrosion Resistance

PTFE can bear almost chemical corrosion,including strong acid(such as aqua regia ),strong oxidant,reductant and organic solvent,except melted alkali metals,fluoride medium and higher than 300 ℃ sodium hydroxide.

4.Wear Resistance and Surface Lubricity

PTFE has good wear resistance under the high pressure.And under stress condition,it has wear resistance and non-stick.PTFE Coating has low friction coefficient,when the media slide,the variations of it is 0.05~0.15.

1. Low working pressure

Because of the non-stick of PTFE,even the hose reinforcement layer is unable to realize its adhesion,so the PTFE tubes in the market are all used under low pressure.

PTFE anatomy of a foreign manufacturer
Fixed with hemp rope
Non - fixed after anatomy
2.Limited application

As time goes on ,in the crude oil transportation,the traditional wall will accumulate a large number of asphalt deposition.PTEF is the preferred material,because of the non-stick.But the problem of pressure cannot be solved,only the traditional pipe material can be used.In other chemical delivery processes,there are similar problems.Therefore it can be used in low pressure working environment.

3.Insufficient of process

There are individual foreign countries claim that they can produce PTFE hose under high pressure.At present,it is generally the manufacturer use a layer of braid steel wire.Individual foreign manufacturers use cotton and twine wrapped in PTEF to be fixed with reinforcement layer,but is still not ideal after dissection .

4.Waste of resources

PTFE service life is very long,but lack of the protection of reinforcement layer.Usually the pressure impact its service life greatly.

PTFE Big Diameter MultiFunctionalHose--King Hose

Firstly bonding with Reinforce Layer in the world   Leading the revolution of Rubber Hose

    After many years development and research under LETONE's Engineer's hard working,Luohe Letone Hydraulic Technology Co,LTD have solved the issue of PTFE bonding and pressure-resistance in March,2017.This techbology have greatly improve the PTFE hose's application area.Especially in Petroleum Industry,Hydraulic MechanicalEngineering and Metallurgy Industry.LETONE's PTFE Technology can succefully decrease the Asphalt- cleaning works and lower down the cost of maintenance.
    LETONE's new PTFE Multifunctional rubber hose can be widely manufactured from 2"up to 12".Beacuse of htis new technology,PTFT's working pressure's range is improved to 2Mpa~105Mpa.For instance,the 4-layer Spiral PTFE Hose's working pressure can reach 70Mpa;12"4- layer Spiral PTFT can reach 2 Mpa.
See the specification n Technical data

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Teflon hose

  PTFE hydraulic hose realize PTFE bonding with reinforcement, has the reputation of "King of Hose".It has solved the problem of maximum working pressure,customize with cover rubber, and it can be widely used in engineering vehicles,oil mining - transportation, aerospace, chemical industry, military, communication and other important science and technology industries. With PTFE used in conveying pipeline in the material,it can sustain the working pressure and get rid of the problem of hanging wall such as asphalt,completely solve the problem of cleaning......

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workshop corner

1.German Mayer 3+3 Wire Braider

Processing methods:Weaving 30station    Yield:200,000 meter per day

2.Production workshop corner

Processing methods:Winding 25station    Yield200,000 meter per day

Military quality
Trustworthy and Reliable

Military quality,Trustworthy and Reliable

Media: Strong acid,strong base,various solvents
Temperature range:-29℃~+260℃
December 2016,Luohe Letone Hydraulics Co. Ltd,Obtain the certificate named by "China Central Military Commission Equipment" certificate.

Equal- life rubber hose- LETONE patents
Equal diameter interface technology

Equal Diameter Interface Technology-- The diameter of the interface is the same size as the inner wall of the hose,Because of the tube is flat with the joint,the eddy pressure is avoided. It greatly reduces the failure rate of joints and ducts. Due to equal size design,the vortex pressure problem is solved,So LETONE' s high- pressure series products such as "ARTERY","SUPER ARTERY","RIVULET","PIKES",relative to market size products,the maximum working pressure should be 10%~30% of the similar products in the market,service life increased by 2~3 times,the failure rate is reduced by more than 90%.Even if the equipment is replaced,The tube is not damaged。After the hoses were introduced,it was welcomed by the new and old customers.

PTFE Multi- functional hose
Technical Parameters

outside diameterNom.OD Max. Working pressureMax.WP Weight
mm In. mm Mpa kg/m
2 50.8 2.71 68.9 105 2.33
3 76.2 3.71 94.3 105 3.32
4 101.6 4.84 122.9 70 5.16
6 152.4 7.07 179.5 35 9.68
8 203.4 9.08 230.5 2 12.64
10 254.0 11.24 285.4 2 18.12
12 305.4 13.43 341.0 2 24.60
* The maximum working pressure shown in this table changes with the change in the working environment
*Require safe temperature range for hose use
*For the use and information of specific operating conditions,please call 0086-371-55156001